I'm new here ... What can I expect?
Turning up to a church for the first time can be daunting... but don't worry, we've got you covered.

What is it like?

8:30am gathering

Here you'll find a more structured service, based around the liturgy of the Anglican Prayer Book. There will be sung hymns, a message from the Bible and, usually, communion.

10:30am gathering

Here things are a little less formal. Notable differences are that the music will be more contemporary in style and there will also be a short 'kids talk' near the beginning of the service, especially for children.

6:30pm gathering

You'll find 6:30pm is a little less formal again! At this gathering, there is also an opportunity to anonymously ask any questions you might have during the service and we enjoy supper together afterwards.

What about my kids?

At the 10:30am gathering, there are programs for all kids from about 2 years old, all the way up to school year 9. Of course, feel free to keep your kids by your side if you'd prefer! There is also a space for infants and their parents, with a selection of toys available for them to play with during the service.

Where do I park?

Park in the car park, found at 43 St Bernards Road. To access the church from there, walk through the hall located beside the car park and continue through to the church.

What do I wear?

Wear what you'd feel comfortable wearing in your daily life. That is, no need to dress up!


Those who choose to make St George's their home may decide to generously support the ministry (see giving page for more info) but otherwise, be our guest--we don't pass a plate around at any of our services.

I want to come... what should I do?

If you like, you can just turn up! Or if you'd like you can be in touch and we'll organise someone to meet you at the door.

Can I join a service online?

Yes you can! If you'd like to check out a service online use this  link to join  Zoom  (only available for 8.30 and 10.30 services)