Covid19 arrangements

Church services are returning to ‘Covid19 normality’
We are now back to having services for St George’s at 8.30 am AND 10.30 am
For those who can’t attend we will still be having a ‘zoom church’  at 10.30 am.  Please connect via Zoom by clicking this link.
We now have a CoVid19 QR code for all visitors  to the church complex – you can use the mySAGOV app to do this, or any other QR code reader.  It will help us keep a check on visitors, so that it can be used for contact tracing should the need arise.

International Food and Friends
International Food and Friends (IFF) is a group that regularly meets to get to know local people, enjoy home cooked Australian food, and discover something about Jesus from the Bible.

Our next meeting is on Saturday evening, 26th of June — 5:30pm at the St George’s Church Hall. Hope to see you there! (June 12th meeting is cancelled because of the Parish Day Away.)

For more information, contact Dan:
Our Vision:

St George’s will be a prayerful family which brings glory to Jesus Christ, by applying God’s word to our lives, and using our gifts and resources to proclaim the gospel at every opportunity in Magill and beyond

Our Profile:

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