13th October  2020 – Launch of the book ‘Seeing good, Doing evil’ by Mike Russell

See the launch ceremony  at this link LAUNCH

Books can be ordered on Amazon at this link – Amazon books

June 7 2018 – Commissioning of Mike Russell as Parish Priest for St George’s Magill

Archbishop welcomes all Wardens present Incumbent Reading from 2 Timothy 2:8-15
Reading from Psalm 25:8-15 Reading from Ma Archbishop preaches

Archdeacon supervises presentations

Presentation of Bible Presentation of Prayer Book
Presentation of Water Presentation of Bread and Wine Archbishop blesses Parish Priest
Registrar reads the licence The new parish priest Mike Russell Mike and his family
The mayor of Campbelltown congratulates Mike Russell

Hear the sermon

Hear the complete service

Morialta Uniting minister representing all churches in the district

6 July 2016 – Tim Patrick

Last week at the AGM  for EFAC, Tim Patrick spoke clearly about the relationship that exists between the church and the state.

There is no doubt that this relationship is changing and many would feel for the better. How should we live as followers of Jesus in a post Christendom world?

How can Christians bring about change in our world and at the same time not be forcing things on those who wish to chose another option?

Listen and view his talk here

26 June 2016 – Dr Riad Kassis

Dr Riad Kassis, International Director of Langham Scholars visited Adelaide with his wife Izdahar and daughter Trivina. They live in Lebanon, within sight of the Syrian border and live daily with the effects of the war in Syria. What is life like for a Christian family living within eyesight of the Syrian border? How can Christians in Australia love and support our Christian brothers and sisters living in the Muslim world? Dr Riad Kassis and his family work with Langham Partnership – a non-denominational Christian organisation founded by John Stott, working to help build maturity in the Christian Church in the Majority World.  Riad and his wife and 17 year old daughter shared their experiences and discussed how we can truly be one body with the worldwide Church.

Hear what they had to say to the group at St Georges Part 1 and Part 2

20th July 2012 – Ben Kwashi – Bishop of Jos

Archbishop Ben Kwashi from Jos, Nigeria, spoke recently at an EFAC-SA event about how to stand up for belief in Jesus in an environment hostile to the Christian faith.  Hear from a man who puts his beliefs and life on the line.

Download his interview – Ben Kwashi Interview

Download his talk  – Ben Kwashi Talk

Quote from Ben Kwashi – “People will laugh at us, call us names, abuse us, but that is nothing new.  The gospel is worth living for; it is also worth dying for.  Persecution has never, and will never, kill the church.  Conditions may be difficult or dangerous for a time; but the seed is  in the ground and at the right time it will burst out.”

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